Viktor Shevchenko

Skills and Expertise

Web development:

Code: JavaScript (Object Oriented and Functional), ES6+, TypeScript, ReactJS, MobX, Redux, Angular, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PrototypeJS, D3.js, vis.js, Leaflet, MapBox, GoogleMaps, Lodash, MomentJS, AWS SDK. CSS, SCSS, Bourbon, BEM, Styled-Components. HTML, Accessibility
Build: Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Babel, CircleCI
Quality: Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine. ESLint, TSLint

Server side development:

Experience with NodeJS, beginner in Python, did some PHP in past, participated in Clojure contest


I have experience in project management for 2 teams


MongoDB, MySQL


Git, GitHub, Perforce, SVN, Docker, Atlassian stack, WebStorm, VS Code


Engineering Manager / Lead Developer
at GlobalLogic
Jun 2013 ➡️ Current
Single Sign On (USA Enterprise)
Dec 2017 ➡️ Current

Authentication system for a multi software environment that enables users to present credentials for authentication only once.

  • Development and support of SSO Admin Console. A SPA Application for SSO configuration.
  • Communication with stakeholders and SSO Consumers
  • Define scope of work for releases
  • Tracking of SLA and estimations
  • Handling feature demoes
  • Help in customer escalation resolution
  • Project Management for Ukraine team
  • People management
Technologies and tools:

Angular, AngularJS. SCSS, BEM. Docker. OAuth2, SAML2, LDAP

IoT platform (German startup)
Dec 2016 ➡️ Jan 2018

An application is a go-to place for developers of IoT devices that allows them easily debug and mange their IoT projects, set-up and control devices, monitor messages flow, control device data processing via uploading their code to platform, integrate with external applications.

  • Start UI account for GlobalLogic
  • Propose and develop UI architecture base on modern JavaScript solutions(React, MobX, TypeScript)
  • Influence application strategy based on PO requests / developers feedback / designers input
  • Implement "Status Page" that aggregated and displayed heartbeat data from all system components
  • Lead a team of 3 developers
Technologies and tools:

ES6, TypeScript, ReactJS(+Server rendering), MobX, React-bootstrap, Webpack 2, Babel, ESLint, Jest, Enzyme. SCSS, BEM. CircleCI, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, Serverless. Git and Github.

Network discovery solution (UK enterprise)
Sep 2015 ➡️ Dec 2016

Digital enterprise management solution that automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping to build a holistic view of all data center assets and the relationships between them.

  • Investigate and propose a solution, that will allow to start step-by-step converting a multi-page based project into a single page application and fit into existing architecture(ReactJS was selected)
  • Demonstrate and substantiate benefits of this solution over others
  • Develop a ReactJS prototype for one of the project pages
  • Integrate ReactJS as a part of existing project, so SPA work side by side with classic solution
  • Implement new features to complex D3.js based visualization
  • Improve existing application, bug fixing, performance, security, UI
  • Lead a team of 3 UI developers in Kyiv
Technologies and tools:

ES6, ReactJS, Redux, Lodash, React-bootstrap, D3.js, SVG, PrototypeJS, OOP, Webpack, Gulp, Babel, ESLint. SCSS. Perforce.

IT Service Desk solution (USA enterprise)
Jun 2013 ➡️ Sep 2015

In scope of this project 2 application were developed. 1st - customer oriented - self-service app that uses location, role, and preferences to guide employees about IT services. 2nd - IT administrator oriented - app that allows smart and fast ticket management with embedded social and collaboration capabilities.

  • Played key role in proposition and implementation of application architecture, now became a corporate standard for new company web apps
  • Introduced and implemented automated builds with GruntJS, that gave possibility of having developer(full) and production(minified) builds(later moved to Gulp)
  • Constantly improved application performance
  • Continuously refactoring of any bottleneck places and fixing of technical debt
  • Responsible for core application layout
  • Closely interact with PMs for requirement fetching and clarification
  • Task management and Scrum adoption
  • Interact with designers team for visual layout(wireframes/hi-fi mocks)
  • Leading a team from 2-4 developers
Technologies and tools:

AngularJS (1.x), Angular-ui-bootstrap, Ng-grid, D3, Lodash, GoogleMaps, Jquery, CKEditor, Grunt, Gulp. SCSS, BEM. Perforce.

Web developer
at Ciklum
Feb 2012 ➡️ Jun 2013
Document Management System
Feb 2012 ➡️ Jun 2013

Corporate document management system (ScanJour Workzone Client) which is mostly used by Danish ministries.

  • Fronted development
  • Restyling a client for modern UI
  • Refactoring legacy JavaScript to improve performance and maintainability
  • Moving web client configuration from XML/XSLT to JSON/Handlebars.js templates
  • Making web client cross browser instead of IE only
  • Team Scrum Master
Technologies and tools:

jQquery, HandlebarsJS, Jasmine, PhantomJS. TFS

Senior Engineer
at Kyivstar
Aug 2006 ➡️ Feb 2012
Traffic Management Unit
Jun 2008 ➡️ Feb 2012

Support and extension of Kyivstar voice network.

  • Mobile NSS core operation and maintenance (HLR, MSC/MSC-S/VLR, STP/TSC/TSC-S, MGw) based on Ericsson AXE and CPP platforms.
  • Fixed NSS core operation and maintenance Huawei NGN (SoftX3000, UMG8900, SBC SE2300 nodes)
  • Signalling and voice traffic management(design and modify routing tables)
  • New services implementation from core network side(requirements gathering, technical consultations, testing, integration, deployment)
  • Technical support of GSM services, network statistics analysis, incidents elimination, urgent traffic rerouting, further detailed analysis, preparing reports
  • Interaction with vendors in case of technical problems in equipment operation, Preparing of Service Requests, SLA tracking according to a support contract
  • Participation in projects: Split Migration (swapping monolithic to split NSS), BICC-migration (swapping TDM/ISUP transit network to IP/SIGTRAN), transition of Kyivstar network to perspective numbering plan
  • Working with muli-service multivendor national network; Support of the highest network quality
Technologies and tools:

Customer Service
Aug 2006 ➡️ May 2008
  • Providing consulting services to company subscribers
Technologies and tools:

Personal Projects

FlatDesk (Co-founder and developer)
Dec 2014 ➡️ Current

Real estate platform oriented for Ukrainian market. Yet under development.

  • Define project strategy
  • UI development and all related tasks
Technologies and tools:

ES6, ReactJS, ~~Redux~~, MobX, i18next, Webpack, Babel. SCSS, BEM.

Reactive MobX Form (author and maintainer)
Apr 2017 ➡️ Current

Library that is aimed to simplify working with forms in ReactJS and MobX applications., Demo

  • End-to-end library development
  • Development of documentation web site(gh-pages)
Technologies and tools:

ES6, TypeScript, ReactJS, MobX, Validatorjs, Webpack. SCSS, BEM.

Portfolio web site
Sep 2018 ➡️ Current

Personal web site

Technologies and tools:

Contentful, Next.js, React, Netlify


National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Aug 2003 ➡️ Feb 2009
Master degree in Telecommunication.


MongoDB for Developers
Apr 2013
Professional Scrum Master I
Dec 2012
MSC-S R 14.0 Blade Cluster Configuration
May 2011
Signalling in the Core Network Mobile Softswitch
Feb 2009
MSC Server Configuration
Nov 2008


Upper-Intermediate English. Beginner German. Native Ukraine. Native Russian.