Hi 👋, my name is Viktor Shevchenko. I am a product-oriented frontend lead with over 14 years of experience. I am married and have two kids.

I have started my professional career in 2006 with a biggest telecom operator in Ukraine(Kyivstar) as a consultant and later as a mobile network engineer. In 2010 I have switched to frontend development area. Firstly as a freelancer, later as an employee.

I have made my path from web developer to a team leader. Played a key role in project architecture development, built applications from scratch, transformed legacy applications to SPA, managed a team up to 12 persons, adopted Scrum methodology.

For last 5 years, I am a team and technical lead in USA/Israel startup - Comeet. Here we are building a collaborative applicant tracking system that allows companies to quickly source, interview, and hire candidates. I am fully responsible for the frontend architecture of product, its quality, maintainability and scalabillity. I lead a team of 5 smart developers with 0 volunteer attrition. I have built a unique solution that allows smooth transition of main frontend framework from AngularJS to React.

Before that, for 6 years, I was working with GlobalLogic building frontends for our client BMC Software. Besides my primary project duties I did participate in consulting and pre-sale activities, taught JavaScript and React in Training Center.

I find myself as a pragmatic engineer always willing to learn and share knowledge with others. That is why I try to share my experience via mentoring and writing publications in my Medium blog. You can check few of them here:

I prefer to understand how thechnologies work on a low level, this helps me to use them with a maximum efficiency. I like to experiment with new tools but for production - prefer using more battle tested solutions. In my daily work I prefer combining technical and leadership tasks, solving complex and challenging cases that involves not only coding but also communication with people. I am creative and often can propose solution that result in great user experience.

I do open source contribution by authoring and maintaining a library called reactive-mobx-form that is aimed to simplify work with web forms in React MobX applications. And contributing to validation library validatorjs.

Beside programming I like traveling, active sports (wakesurfing 🏄🏻‍♂️, snowboarding🏂), mixing of cocktails 🍹.